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Upcoming Events!

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This weekend April 9-10th ReptileFest is going on at Northeastern Illinois University!

For more information please check out their website :


Tinley Park Show

After a great weekend at Tinley Park for the NARBC we have some new additions to the crew! Pictures of our legless lizard and invertebrates will be soon to come.

Keep up to date with our Facebook Page  for our latest posts and new animals.



Lock ups!

These are some of the King snakes that we are breeding. There will be more pictures to come with our other projects



Check out this upcoming event in Lake Forest!





Breeding update

Current updates on breeding projects. All of our snakes have been cooling down and getting ready for breeding. This is what we are planning on producing this year.

Check out our For Sale page for availability

King Snakes

  •  Splendida or Desert kings
  • California Kings
  • Mexican Black kings

Burmese Pythons

  • Albino
  • Normal 100% het albino burms


  • Irian Jaya blue tongue skinks – Check out our for sale page!

Ball Pythons pairings include

  • Super Butter X-treme  to a Kingpin
  • Banana pin  to a Super pastel
  • Queen Bee to a Spider



Lockport Township High School East campus presents WILDFEST!
February 21
10am – 4pm

Crosstown Exotics will have a table at this years Wildfest. We will be featuring our invertebrates and reptiles, along with offering blue tongue selfies with our blue tongue skinks!

Other events include:

Experience wildlife with Big Run Wolf Ranch,
Jim Nesci’s Cold-Blooded Creatures,
Save Our American Raptors,
Incredible Bats,
Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary,
K-9 Guardian Dog Demonstration
Fox Valley Wildlife Center.

Come on out for an amazing day and experience the wildlife!

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